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FORTUNATELY, those that have truly pioneered the Internet have developed TOOLS so that they can be effective in Marketing their Site.

Remember, we said that NO TRAFFIC = NO SALES.

Getting Traffic to Your Site requires performing certain functions well. Without the right TOOLS, you will not be as effective, or in some cases, totally ineffective, and your results will be disastrous.

Following is a listing of EVERY TOOL THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE. This is not a Sales List or a Wish List. It is THE List of TOOLS that you’ve got to have in order to get the job done.

Imagine a Carpenter NOT having a hammer, a saw, a measuring tape, nails, screws, etc. etc. etc. etc. Yes, he could still be a Carpenter, but I sure wouldn’t want him building MY Custom Cabinets!!! J

It’s the same thing with these TOOLS. YOU NEED THEM.

I will explain what each TOOL does, what part of the Marketing Plan or Business Plan it affects, and why you need to have it.




At the end of this Chapter, there will be a listing of the links to click on to find out more information about All of the Tools required in order for you to be able to MAXIMIZE THE AMOUNT OF PROFIT THAT YOU GENERATE.

These include Tools to assist you in every area, including Your Site, Your Marketing Plan and The Operation of Your Business, so that you can run Your Business most efficiently



First, let’s start with Your Site.  Your Site is Your Sales Person. A Weak Sales Site, either in terms of Structure or Verbiage, means a low Sale-To-Prospect Ratio. You now know EXACTLY what the Site needs to do in order to Maximize Your Sale-To-Prospect Ratio.

  • You can create your own template if you know how to write code, or if you are willing to learn how to program.
  • You can look for a template, which you can then modify for Structure and then write Your Verbiage.
  • You can have the EXACT TEMPLATE that is laid out in detail in Chapter Twelve – YOUR SITE.

Since it cost me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to create the Site, it will undoubtedly cost the same for you to produce a 30, 40 or 50-page Site from Scratch as well. So after the Web Designer created my Site, they then created a TEMPLATE of the Site that could be used as the Foundation for ANY SALES SITE. The advantage, of course, is that it is already set up to be consistent with everything that we discussed. The STRUCTURE will serve as the foundation of Your Site and is available to you for WAY, WAY LESS than it will cost you to reproduce them.

So whether you are going to build Your Own Sales Site, a Shopping Site, or an Entry Site, you should take a look at the Templates that are available to you and then decide if you want to start with them or create or design one on your own.



As we discussed, there are TWO CRITICAL ELEMENTS to Your Site:


You now know EXACTLY what you need to do to write the Verbiage for Your Site.

  • You can write the copy on your own, and then test your copy one element at a time as we discussed in the TEST Section
  • You can write your copy, and then have me review your copy so you have first-hand input from me as to how to make your copy stronger to start with, if you feel you need the assistance
  • You can have someone with experience write the copy for you.

I do make myself available for those who need assistance. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to make myself available due to time restraints, because I do not allow anyone but me personally to write the copy for The Sites, the Ads, the Affiliates, and the Autoresponders. If I take on a project to provide you with a Turn-Key Site, then you get a Turn-Key Site where all the copy has been written directly by me.



Let’s take the Marketing Plan one step at a time, and be certain that you have the Tools you need in order to accomplish all of the tasks at hand:


  • Utilize Pay-Per-Click Engines via Google search

There are no tools required in order to do a search, locate the pay-per-click engines, and set up your advertising with them

  • Utilize Rented Opt-In Lists via Google search

There are no tools required in order to do a search and locate lists that you would like to send a message to. Providing that the company that is offering the list also sends out the message, no program is required for you to be able to do the mailing.

  • Utilize Services that guarantee a certain number of hits from a TARGET MARKET LIST via Google search

There are no tools required in order to do a search, locate the companies that offer this type of service, and arrange with them to bring Traffic to Your Site.

  • List Your ad in 2000+ Free Classified Ad locations via program in TOOLS Chapter of Part Three

This task requires a program in order to achieve it. There is simply no possible way for you to spend all of your waking hours manually placing 2000 ads, nor would you want to! The Tool that you need to accomplish this task is called POWER SUBMITTER,

POWER SUBMITTER will do the following for you:

      It will place the ads for you in the click of your mouse,

      It will track the productivity of your ads so you know which ones to  

      cancel and which ones work, and

      It will let you know when to re-list the ads so they are always pulling

      Traffic for you.

At the end of the Chapter, all of the Tools will be listed along with the links that you need in order to find them.

  • Do everything in Your Power to obtain TOP PLACEMENT in Search Engine Ranking

There’s no feasible way to accomplish this task manually, and it is way too expensive to hire a Consulting firm to do this for you. In addition, you give up all control to the process, leaving it up to someone whose schedule you cannot control.

There are TWO Programs that you need in order to ACCOMPLISH AND MAINTAIN Your Search Engine Rankings. The Tools that you need to accomplish these tasks are SITE PROMOTER and WEB POSITION GOLD.

The combination of these two programs is invaluable. Each Search Engine requires information in its own format. If you just have someone submit to all Search Engines for $9.99, you will regret it!

SITE PROMOTER knows how to submit the information to each Search Engine to gain a Maximum Ranking. It is an invaluable Tool.

Once you have submitted Your Site Information to the Search Engines, you need to track your ranking and occasionally make adjustments to improve upon your ranking.

WEB POSITION GOLD is designed to do exactly that. It will not only track your position in all Search Engines and provide you with a report as to where you stand, it will also tell you where to add keywords to specific web pages in order to improve your position!

Since increased positioning in the Search Engines increases Traffic, and since the Visitors from the free Search Engines are free to you, these two programs are a MUST in order to accomplish and maintain high ranking.

So there you have it.


Are the Three Tools that you need in order to accomplish your COLD MARKETING PLAN. Thank goodness someone came up with these 3 programs because it would be impossible to accomplish these tasks without them!


In order to build an army of Affiliates, which you MUST HAVE in order to be able to MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS, you MUST HAVE YOUR OWN AFFILIATE PROGRAM. There are a lot of them out there, and in fact there are even companies that will run your Affiliate Program for you. Building your Affiliate program this way, however, is VERY, VERY Expensive.

There’s only one way to develop your own Affiliate Program, and that’s with a Tool called ASSOCTRAC. It was designed specifically to track every Affiliate. It has way to many features to list here, but it is ABSOLUTELY the BEST ONE OUT THERE! And not only that, it is WAY LESS EXPENSIVE than some of them out there that are not even in the same league.

In order to build your Affiliate Program, you are going to need to be able to find a listing of all of the Sites that you will want to contact to Sell them on linking to Your Site. There are Two Programs that you need to accomplish this task.

The first one to start with is called LINK POPULARITY, and it works in conjunction with MAILLOOP.

LINK POPULARITY is designed to extract the appropriate information from other Sites that you will want to link with so that a personalized list can be built. LINK POPULARITY also provides good example letters of exactly what to say to your Prospective Affiliates.

MAILLOOP is the program that then takes the list and does the actual mailing to Your Potential Affiliates. This program will be useful in other areas as well, as will be explained shortly.

There are two other programs that may be more aggressive with regards to building even a bigger list of Potential Affiliates. I suggest, however, that you start with LINK POPULARITY AND MAILLOOP because they work together and they will definitely move your effort in the right direction.

Once you do start becoming established, the two other programs for you to consider are SUPERSONIC and SPYDER. Both capture information and both can be Valuable Tools in helping you to expand Your Affiliate base, which will increase your Traffic and your income!

So there you have it.


Are the Three Tools that you need in order to accomplish your REFERRAL MARKETING PLAN. And once again thanks to those who came up with these 3 programs because it would be impossible to accomplish these tasks without them as well!


GREAT NEWS HERE! In order to utilize Autorespond messaging, which is absolutely essential for the following:

  • Automating your business so that you can concentrate on PROMOTING Your Business and ENJOYING Your Life,
  • Reselling Your Prospects based on Survey Responses, and
  • Selling Your Customer New Products as you join Affiliate Programs,

The ONE program that you MUST HAVE to accomplish this task –


That’s right. When you purchase MAILLOOP so you can build Your Affiliate base, you Also have MAILLOOP to do ALL of your Repeat Marketing. There are Services available on the Internet that charge a monthly fee to do the Autorespond Service for you. You absolutely don’t need to spend the money for a Service. By having MAILLOOP, you are in complete control, and you have no monthly fee. Just the cost of the program one time, and that’s it. DEFINITELY the way to go!

As a side note, MAILLOOP is also the Tool you need to produce Your Newsletter, Bulletin, Report, etc.


Okay, so you have a template for a Sales Site and the Six programs above to execute Your Marketing Plan.


There are 3 more Tools that you MUST HAVE in order to be able to operate Your Business.


This is the combination that allows you to accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express on Your Site. If you cannot accept Credit Cards, do not go forward with a Site. Providing an easy and Secure way to pay is CRITICAL to the Success of Your Site.

E-MERCHANT SOLUTIONS is the BANKING PORTION. They are the ones that deal with the Approval of the credit cards, and of You as an Approved Vendor.

VERISIGN is what is called the Gateway. The bank is not in the computer Business, so they require a company to provide a SECURE WAY for the Customer to enter Credit Card information with Confidence. VERISIGN is perhaps THE MOST RESPECTED Secure Gateway Company on the Internet today.

QUICKBOOKS is the Accounting Program that you will need in order to write checks, prepare Financial Statements, Budget Reports, etc. The reason why QUICKBOOKS is CRITICAL is because it works in conjunction with your Affiliate Program.

When you have 100 Affiliate checks to write once a month, you will be VERY GLAD that ASSOCTRAC and QUICKBOOKS work TOGETHER!

ASSOCTRAC will compile a list of all of the Affiliates that are due to receive Commission Checks, along with their Name, Address and report information. QUICKBOOKS then takes this list and prints the checks AND the envelope labels too! So while there are a lot of Accounting Programs out there, QUICKBOOKS is inexpensive and ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!

And that’s IT! A Template and nine Programs, and You’re in Business!



SUPERSONIC – Similar to LINK POPULARITY, but more potent, SUPERSONIC will open the door to even more potential Affiliates.

SPYDER – Similar to LINK POPULARITY, but more potent, SPYDER will open the door to even more potential Affiliates as well.

Since it is SO CRITICAL to build Your Affiliate Base to be AS BIG AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE, you should review BOTH of these programs, SUPERSONIC AND SPYDER, down the road to help your Affiliate recruiting effort.

EBOOK EDIT – If you are writing an Ebook of your own, this program will make it look professional and up to date. As with MOST E-Book editors, however, they are NOT MAC Compatible. You’ll either need to use Adobe for the MAC users, or not offer an E-Book to approximately 5% of the Market.

REAL PLAYER – To add audio and/or video to your presentation, this program will assist you with Professional, First Quality results.

HTMLCODEGUARD – This program helps to protect your Site and your E-books from theft.


WINZIP – This program compresses files so you can receive and send a big file more quickly. This program may make your E-Book easier for Your Customer to download.

EUDORA PRO – This is a highly popular Email program. You will need an Email program to work in conjunction with MAILLOOP, and this is the best one out there for that purpose

INTERNET EXPLORER – This is a very capable program for you to use to browse the web.

TIME & CHAOS – This program is to be used as an organizer.

If you do not have a Word Processor and a Spreadsheet program such as MICROSOFT WORD AND MICROSOFT EXCEL, you will need both of these in order to be able to function as a Business.

And last but not least, is a Site that has the most downloadable FREE Software on the Internet. So if you are looking for a FREE TOOL, check out


In order to get started, you will need to pick a DESCRIPTIVE DOMAIN NAME for Your Site. It is the name of Your Business. You will have the opportunity to for Your Company to be

When you have a list of potential names, go to GoDaddy. They specialize in Domain Names and they are reasonably priced. Take a name that ends with .com, as opposed to .net or .org or .us etc. Companies that end with .com are easier for the public to remember, and have been around the longest. I suggest you accept the “unpublished” Option for the few Dollars that they charge for the Year to limit the amount of junk mail that you will otherwise receive. The other choice is to set up an Email Address in Mailloop specifically for junk mail so its manageable. Another feature of Mailloop is that it can handle unlimited Email Addresses.



The Host is a CRITICALLY IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle, because it is the HOST that keeps Your Site up and running!

You want to find a HOST that has an excellent track record for no downtime as well as being reputable so they don’t take information that belongs to you. In addition, the HOST needs to report your Statistics to you, and they need to be available 24/7 in case you need assistance with Your Site.

When I went to a Web Design Company to have my Site designed and to subsequently have them create the template for the Sites, I chose an established Web Design Company that was also a HOSTING Service. The reason I did this is because since they programmed the Site, and since they are the HOST, if there is ever a problem with the Site not working properly, I will never have the HOST pointing a finger at the Designer, and vice-versa.

The responsibility for maintaining the Site such that it is up and Operational, and that my reports are available at the click of a button, is met consistently by this company, which I recommend highly.

They are a pleasure to work with. They are available to Customize the template, to link Your Template to Your Affiliate Program, to get Your Autoresponders going, and to connect the Verisign Gateway to the Site.

You will need someone who is qualified to connect the Affiliate Program and to connect the Verisign Gateway and E-Merchant Solutions to Your Site at the very least. Since they designed the Site and are familiar with the process, it would probably be best to have them take care of getting you set up and running.

They have two packages from which to choose to start out with. $19.99 or $49.99 per month, depending on whether or not you have a Shopping Cart as a part of Your Site. If you purchase Resell Rights to multiple Products that you want to display in Shopping Cart format, or if you have a line of Products, you will need SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE, which they have readily available to connect to Your Site as well.

The EASIEST WAY to have a FIRST-CLASS SITE is to purchase the TEMPLATE and have the Design/HOST Company connect the bells and whistles to it and HOST it for you.