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PAO is Social Media that puts America First!

Rob is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening adherence to the Constitution by keeping in power those we believe in and agree to abide by it. For those that do not believe that the Constitution is the law of the land, those elected officials must be removed from office, and if warranted, arrested, convicted, sentenced and executed depending on the severity of their crimes against America.

In an effort to steer America in the right direction, Rob focuses on three major topics:

  • Voter Fraud
  • Protecting America
  • Justice

1. VOTER FRAUD – There are many aspects of how the Globalists are working against the system through numerous illegal means, and we MUST EXPOSE them and limit the negative effects so we make SURE That President Trump is re-elected, and that we carry as many seats as possible in both houses.

2. PROTECT AMERICA – From the border, to the attacks on our morals, values, and freedoms, we MUST EXPOSE the Globalists at every turn to keep America intact for our children and grandchildren.

3. JUSTICE – We CANNOT continue to have a two-tiered Justice System. We have the best Congress money can buy, and we CANNOT allow it to continue. We MUST take control back from the Globalists.

I will be writing more articles on each of these three topics personally as I am very passionate about doing all I can do to build a base of determined Patriots who together, can defeat the Globalist’s attempts to destroy our Great Country!

Rob is determined to do everything in his power to see to the re-election of President Trump. He identifies with President Trump’s love of America, and he can see Trump for who he is, a powerful leader who is looking out for America’s best interest, worldwide and here at home.

For those who are NOT Trump supporters, Rob’s quick to share this analogy:
“Let’s say my home is on fire, my grandchildren are inside, the fire truck pulls up, and the fireman gets out and approaches the home.”

At this point, Rob says:
“I don’t care if that fireman is married, single, gay or straight, young or old, black or white. All I care about is that he saves my grandchildren and puts out the fire.”

Well, Rob points out that:
“The Globalists are attempting to burn down the Country, and President Trump is our fireman, and a darn good one at that. He has my support 1000% to save our Country and the American dream for future generations.”

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Do we really live in a free society if we aren’t free to wear our MAGA hats in public without being attacked? is dedicated to shining a spotlight on Liberal hypocrisy and putting Patriots in touch with politicians. We all deserve a better future than what the crooked Dems have in mind. It’s time to go straight to the source and DEMAND that our reps do what’s right for this country.


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The purpose of the establishment of Community Assistance Teams is to be prepared to defend and assist our families, neighborhood and city in the event of crisis. While no one knows if or when a disaster may occur, everyone knows that it is better to be prepared than to wait for a disaster to occur to then determine what to do. If you have an interest in finding out more, please complete the totally confidential form and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

Whether you are interested in just taking care of your own home and family,learning more about what you need to do to be prepared, taking emergency response classes, or joining a neighborhood watch or other volunteer program,fill out the confidential form today and we will contact you and send you in the right direction.

Be prepared! Fill out the form and let us help you.

*NOTE*: We will never ask for a donation or a fee of any kind and we do not sell anything. The only reason for this site is to help people to be prepared in the event of a crisis in our community. It is critical that we can protect our family, our street, our neighborhood and our community, so fill out the form and let’s work together to protect ourselves!


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The Millionaire Survivalist

Why settle for survival when you can survive in style? is a website that brings you the very finest in luxury prepping. From the priciest high-end vehicles, shelters, and weaponry to where the best places are to own a private island, this site give you a glimpse into how tech millionaires and billionaires prepare for the end of the world when money is no object.



Marketing Consulting:

  • Review the Placement and verbiage of the ads
  • Review how the applicants are handled
  • Analyze the Pay structure as it relates to lead cost
  • Review Base, Commissions, Bonuses, Incentives, and Benefits
  • Review how Reps are trained and promoted
  • Observe Management Team
  • Observe the Operation of the Room
  • Review Confirmation Process
  • Review How Resets, Referrals and Call-ins are handled
  • Review Cold, Referral, Reset, Call-in and Confirmation Scripts
  • Make Recommendations to increase both Quality and Quantity

Sales Organization Consulting:

  • Review the Placement and verbiage of the ads
  • Review how the applicants are handled
  • Analyze the Pay structure as it relates to lead cost
  • Review Base, Commissions, Bonuses, Incentives, and Benefits
  • Review how Reps are trained and promoted
  • Observe Management Team
  • Observe the Sales Operation
  • Review Dispatch Process
  • Review How No-Shows, One-legs, Cancels, and PNS’s are handled
  • Review Referral and Self-Generated Lead Program
  • Review All Sales Presentations
  • Review Closing Percentage and Cancel Rate
  • Make Recommendations Accordingly


  • Observe Operation of the Business
  • Review Financial Statements
  • Identify the Major Factors that Directly Affect Your Profitability
  • Identify Adjustments to Positively Affect Each Variable
  • Provide Report for EXACTLY which Variables Most Affect The Profitability
  • Discuss Future Plans for the Business
  • Identify Ways to Increase Business, Expand, Duplicate, or Exit
  • Make Recommendations Accordingly


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