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Month: July 2019


In Chapter Four we quantified the amount of Profit that you need to generate in order to work toward your Dream and reach your first Reward Goals. Then in Chapter Five, we discussed the Ten Key Elements of Business. In this Chapter, we will determine How To Build Your...

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In Chapter One, we explored the Three Most Important Characteristics that you need to have in order to allow yourself to be Successful. In Chapter Two, we explored the Three Most Important Character Traits that you need in order to be able to work for Your Success. In...

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Let's review what we have learned so far. First, we looked inside ourselves to determine HOW WE VIEW OURSELFS in order to move forward without baggage that may hinder our own attempts at Success. Next, we looked at THE TRAITS that are the most important ones that we...

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Now that you have Established and written down YOUR DREAM, next we will work on establishing some clearly defined GOALS. GOALS: One of the first things we need to talk about with regards to goals is this:   Axiom Number Twelve - URGENCY Nothing happens unless YOU...

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One of the VERY FIRST PRINCIPLES of creating Your Own Success is exactly this:   Axiom Number Four  - NO LIMITS!   If you feel that there is a ceiling, there is. But there is ONLY a ceiling as long as you believe its there. It's sort of like when they train...

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Where Success Begins

We are going to come upon CRITICAL TRUTHS, with we will call AXIOMS. These are the inevitable truths, which with we must deal in order to arrive at a SUCCESSFUL journey. Axiom Number One - THE SINGLE MOST CRITICAL TRUTH ABOUT SUCCESS If both in your Mind, and in your...

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